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Benefits of Forming Your Own Private Group Yoga Lesson

Forming your own private group yoga class in Singapore is a great option. Enjoy the affordability of classes in studios with people you know. Furthermore, it offers the flexibility of following your schedule. Learning in a group is also a good motivation to encourage commitment and enforces discipline. You will have less excuse to not attend a class due to the hassle of traveling. You also feel more answerable to your group. Enjoy the fun and get fit with family and friends.

Take Group Private Yoga Sessions at Your Condo with Neighbors

We offer private group yoga classes in your area. Our yoga teachers are located island wide and will travel to your home to conduct classes. Put together a group of friends or better half and book group private yoga sessions. Lessons can be conducted at your home for a small group. If there is insufficient space, we can practice yoga at your condo’s function room or any open area. All you need is your yoga mat and a bottle of water. Build deeper bonds with your partner by learning yoga under professional supervision.

Cheap Private Group Yoga Lessons at Home

Our private group yoga classes cost are very comparable to rates at the studio. Furthermore, if you can have the ability to dictate how big a group you want. This way you can optimize learning by taking classes with people you know. Taking private group lessons at home can be cheaper than studio options by having more students. The cost is divided by a larger group reducing it significantly. Not to mention, compared to yoga studios, there are no overhead costs of owning a physical location which are borne by most clients. Start saving money by taking private group yoga class in Singapore with Condo Coaches today.

1-1 lesson

$840/ 12 lesson package
  • $840/pax [$70/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • One-One Attention
  • 100% certified coach
  • +$120 for restorative/prenatal/postnatal yoga

Group of 2

$1020/ 12 lesson package
  • $510/pax [$42.5/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • Bond with partner
  • 100% certified coach
  • +$120 for restorative/prenatal/postnatal yoga

Group of 3

$1140/ 12 lesson package
  • $380/pax [$32/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • Learn with friends
  • 100% certified coach
  • +$120 for restorative/prenatal/postnatal yoga

Group of 4

$1320/ 12 lesson package
  • $330/pax [$27.5/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • Fun for the Family
  • 100% certified coach
  • +$120 for restorative/prenatal/postnatal yoga

Class Size

Yoga Rates

$840/12 lessons
Couples (2 pax)
$1020/12 lessons
Friends (3 pax)
$1140/12 lessons
Family (4 pax)
$1320/12 lessons
1 hour session
Pose correction + customized lesson
+$120 for restorative/pre/postnatal yoga
100% certified yoga teacher

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Private Group Yoga Classes Review

My friends and I work shifts and most yoga studios in Singapore have very rigid timings. We are glad to be able to learn together at my home since we all live close by.

Ameera, Queens Condo

I used to take lessons at a yoga studio near me. Sometimes the group gets quite big and I find it hard to learn properly. Private lessons were ideal but out of my budget. Luckily, 3 of my neighbors were looking to form a group. We get more attention from the yoga instructor while keeping costs low.

Richard Chua, Double Bay Residences

My wife and I travel a lot so we wanted more flexible options. We chanced upon Condo Coaches and got a really good private yoga instructor at our home.

Manish Chiddar, Pinevale

Was recommended by a friend who had a positive experience with Condo Coaches. I signed up for a group yoga package with some of my colleagues. Overall a very positive experience.

Eric, Arc@Tampines

We were all beginners trying to learn yoga but shy to attend classes outside. Thankfully, we managed to get a yoga instructor at our condo to conduct the lessons.

Zita Koh, Landed Home