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Interested in recreational sport activities but too lazy to travel to a “nearby” fitness studio, sports stadium or public pool? If you live in a condominium, why not make use of the facilities you pay for by having lessons right below your block. SG Condo Coaches specializes in planning and conducting sports coaching in the comfort of your own home. We have a wide range of sports to choose from swimming, tennis, gym and even yoga. Do away with all the hassle of scheduling, traveling and fully experience how recreational sports should be – convenient and enjoyable.

Learn to play a new musical instrument without the hassle of traveling to music school far away from home. Why waste precious time traveling to attend an hour long music class far from your home, when that travel time can be put to better use. Our music teachers are willing to travel to your home to teach you, alternatively, choose a teacher’s music studio a stone’s throw away from your home. Whether it is piano, violin or guitar lessons, be sure to learn from the best, most convenience music class in Singapore!

Our recreational sports coaching programs are uniquely designed to cater to all ages. Our child friendly lessons allow toddlers from as young as 6 months old to begin learning how to swim with their parents. We also have adult classes for more matured students who never had the opportunity to learn before. SG Condo Coaches offers individual and group tennis lessons for people looking to pick up the sport or hone their skills and we offer these classes to anyone above the age of 7. We also provide health and fitness classes for the busy professionals or housewives in the form of yoga and personal training. Our programs ensure that everyone can be involved in the recreational sport classes and have fun as a family.

Whether you are a working adult looking to learn to play the guitar, piano or violin for leisure, or a parent who wishes for your child to be musically trained from a young age, we have the perfect solution for you – music teachers who are not only great with kids but also cater the lesson to your busy work schedule or OT, to ensure you get the best customized lessons for your requirement! Whether you are a complete beginner or transitioning from another music class that is unsatisfactory, our teachers have a structured syllabus and teaching methodology to make sure you become a masterful pianist, guitarist or violinist!

Learning a new sport can be intimidating, that is why we ensure that our sports lessons are conducted by professional coaches who have been certified with many years of experience. We do not take coaching lightly and we personally interview our coaches and test them out before offering their services on our website. You can be sure that when you are learning a new sport, you are learning only from the best and with that, you can be sure that you are on track to be the best.

Enquire now and be amazed at what SG Condo Coaches can do for you!

Our dedicated teachers will tailor lessons based on your level and depending on your preference, you may elect to learn for leisure or take on a certification. Our music teachers are trained to teach up to Grade 8, Diploma or even Degree level music. We vet all our teachers thoroughly ensuring they have the relevant certificates to teach the right grades, with a minimum of 2 years of teaching experience. We also regularly review our teachers with existing students to ensure high quality lessons, and in the case of complaints, we will not hesitate to drop the teacher from our list. You can rest assured that the lessons conducted by our teachers will be excellent.

The service staff, Jeremy was very polite and patient! Top notch service! 5 stars!
I was surprised at how quickly they got back to me! I could start my lessons ASAP!
I was very pleased with the service as it was swift and efficient. Lance was very patient in helping me with my enquiries.
Wan Rong
I was able to begin my lessons on the week itself thanks to SG Condo Coaches. I am currently in my 5th lesson already and i am very pleased with my coach.
Wei Jun
I had concerns with coaches who are not certified coaching my children, but with SG Condo Coaches, i can rest assured that my children learn from the best as they vet through their coaches and even provide me with coach’s resume.