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Sports & Music Classes Near You: Condo Coaches Singapore

Private sports lessons & music classes provider, Condo Coaches, is the go-to concierge for condominium residents in Singapore. We provide a 24/7 response service to those who wish to learn a new life skill – whether it is a sport or a musical instrument. We specialize in liaising and booking of the best certified coaches and music instructors in Singapore according to your needs. Currently, we conduct classes for 4 different sports – tennis, swimming, yoga, personal training as well as 3 different types of music classes – piano, violin, guitar. These classes are conducted at your home, utilizing the facilities in your condo, that are frequently underused, despite you paying for it. If you find it inconvenient to have music classes in your home, we also offer music studios in extremely close proximity to your home or work place, ensuring you never waste time traveling to lessons. Currently, we have clients in over 450 condominiums across Singapore. Dedicated to perfection, we believe in quality and customer satisfaction. Condo Coaches always puts you, the customer first. Learn more about a sport or musical instrument & begin a new learning adventure today.

Private Sports & Music Lessons: Structured Lesson Plans for Effective Learning

Here at Condo Coaches, as your personal sports concierge, believe that it is quality that counts. We believe that large group classes, will not meet the requirements of our customers. As it spoils the learning atmosphere. In our private sports lessons, the coaches are able to fully pay their attention 100% to their students. Ensuring that they learn the right technique. And making sure they are good in practicing it. For private music classes, we only offer private group lessons with a maximum of 4 pax as greater scrutiny and correction is required to make sure learning is effective. We highly recommend lessons to be 1-to-1 for students wishing to take on graded certification.

Learning is of the highest importance to us. We do our best to make sure or clients learn the sport. To do this, each client has a planned training program that is constructed by their coach/teacher. Each lesson, is carefully made to maximize the efforts of the instructor and student in learning the new sport or instrument. Over the course of the term, coaches will set our expectations, letting you know in advance what you can hope to achieve. Enjoy patient guidance by our coaches today.

Certified Sports Instructors & Music Teachers: How We Choose Our Educators

Each coach is carefully selected by Condo Coaches. There is a careful process of phone-interviews, in-person interviews and background checking. Ensuring that they are professional and capable of taking our classes. We do this to ensure the quality of your private sports lesson. This also provides the assurance of safety to our clients, knowing that they are in capable hands. We do not compromise the safety or the comfort of our clients, making sure that coaches and teachers comply with our strict regulations. Put your mind at ease, and simply learn a new sport. In the last 7 years, we have had a 97.9% lesson satisfaction rate with long-term continuity with our service. We have a zero tolerance policy for complaints towards our coaches, and will investigate any issue thoroughly, and will never hesitate to terminate the service of our coaches and teachers.

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