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Sport Classes Policy:

I) The pool authority or the coach reserves the exclusive rights to cancel or postpone any sports lessons due to poor weather conditions and for safety reasons.

II) If the class has to be stopped midway due to unforeseen circumstances, land-drill exercise, safety theory or Q&A session may be conducted in place of the usual practical lessons. Your coach may also offset some of the lost time in the subsequent lesson, keeping in mind that coaches will not bear the full risk of erratic weather, and is not liable to make up in full any lesson time that is disrupted by these unforeseen circumstances.

III) Please check with your coach directly for more details on the terms and conditions they offer for wet weather disruption.

Music Classes Policy:

I) As classes are held indoors, apart from extremely severe weather conditions such as flooding/torrential rains, lessons should not be affected by wet weather, unless the music teacher is unable to travel to your location due to adverse weather condition, in which case lesson will not be charged and will be made up.

Sport Classes Policy:

I) Lost time due to the student’s late coming will not be compensated or replaced. If the lost time is due to the closure of the venue of the lesson (bad weather, SEA Games, private event, etc), please discuss with the instructor for best arrangement (change location or reschedule lesson).

II) The student needs to inform the instructor if lesson has to be cancelled due to sickness or last minute emergencies (at least 2 hours before scheduled lesson time), and make up lessons can be arranged directly with the coach. If a cancellation is made at the last minute, the student may not be entitled to a make up lesson, and the lesson will be charged/counted to the lesson package.

III) Lessons that have to be postponed due to holidays/business trips will not be charged/counted to the lesson package as long as the coach is informed of these plans in advance.

IV) The student is required to arrange for all 4 lessons to be completed within 6 weeks time (include rescheduling of lessons). For packages of 12 lessons, 18 weeks will be the time frame to complete the lessons. Failure to do so may result in the outstanding lessons to be forfeited. Special arrangements to defer the expiry dates of the lesson packages can be discussed and agreed upon with your coach.

V) Please check with your coach directly for more details on the terms and conditions they offer for cancellation and make up lessons.

Music Classes Policy:

I) We are aware that there are times when you are required to attend to an unexpected emergency, which causes you to forfeit a lesson. In such scenarios, make-case lessons are available. However, it is limited to your teacher’s schedule and availability. We would recommend you to liaise directly with your teacher with regards to a make-up lesson.

II)  The ideal situation would be to inform your teacher as soon as you are aware that you’re unable to attend the lesson. If you’re unable to do so, then please give at least a 24 hours notice to your teacher, especially for those whose teachers are required to travel to your home. Do note that you would need to check with your teacher on their policies for public holidays and make-up lessons. This will prevent any miscommunications and misunderstandings, which could cause inconvenience to both parties.

Sport Classes Policy:

I) On the first lesson, students are required to make term payment in full via Internet Banking, ATM Transfer, Cash Deposit, Check payment or in Cash directly to the coach that was assigned to the client by SG Condo Coaches.

II) Term payment should only be made to the coach that was assigned by SG Condo Coaches. SG Condo Coaches is not responsible the loss of money made to coaches NOT assigned by SG Condo Coaches.

III) SG Condo Coaches does not receive term payments and are therefore unable to issue receipts. For receipts, please request the coach assigned to issue one in his name if necessary.

IV) SG Condo Coaches is not liable for any payment related disputes and monetary disagreements. Because SG Condo Coaches does not receive any term payments from the client, all disputes has to be settled with the payee – coach. Nevertheless, SG Condo Coaches will try to serve as a goodwill mediator for the client.

Music Classes Policy:

I) Once a music teacher as been arranged, a payment of the first 2 lessons of the four lesson package have to be made to Condo Coaches to confirm the booking. There are no additional charges or hidden fees charged to the client. On the 4th lesson, the remaining 2 lessons have to be paid to the music teacher.

II) Payment of the first 2 lessons can be made to Condo Coaches via Bank Transfer, Paylah or PayNow. Our administrator will find out your requirements via SMS or Whatsapp and will give you the account details afterward.

Sport Classes Policy:

I) There is strictly no refund once lessons commenced & the term payment has been made.

II) It is the student’s responsibility to understand the refund policy before registering any lessons with SG Condo Coaches.

Music Classes Policy:

I) We would recommend you to work with your piano teacher for at least a month before deciding to make a change. This is to allow more interaction and understanding between both of you to build a good student-teacher relationship. Although there might be a difference in teaching and learning style, we are sure that your teacher will be able to accommodate.

II) However, if you still feel the need to change a teacher, you can still contact us to request a change. Do note that any lesson conducted is still chargeable. You may need to top up the balance (if needed) to start fresh with new piano teacher.

Sport Classes Policy:

I) Fees are not transferable to any third parties.

Music Classes Policy:

I) If it is within the first month of engagement of the teacher and student or parent would like to change the teacher, we could offer a change in teacher for 1 time without charge. The teacher or parent have to pay whatever is due to the piano teacher for the delivered lessons and the piano teacher will not be charged the referral fee.

Sport Classes Policy:

I) All our swimming/tennis/yoga/personal trainers are certified with the relevant certificates of their respective fields. The common certificates for the sports in brief, but not limited to the following:

Swimming: AustSwim, ACSTA, STA, NROC


Yoga: 200hr YTT

Personal Training: ACE, NSCA, NFPT, ACSM

Should you require to verify your teacher’s certification, feel free to inform us. We will either send you a screenshot via Whatsapp or email or inform your teacher to bring them on the first lesson.

Music Classes Policy:

All our piano/guitar/violin teachers are certified with at least, but not limited to the following:

Piano: Grade 8 by Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), Trinity Guildhall.

Violin: Grade 8 by Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM)

Guitar: Grade 8 by Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM)

Apart from that, majority of our teachers have additional music diplomas and/or degrees as well as relevant teaching experience. Should you require to verify your teacher’s certification, feel free to inform us. We will either send you a copy via email or inform your teacher to bring them on the first lesson.

Sport Classes Policy:

I) Students are required to pay the deposit for their condominium facilities or entrance charges for the coach. Any booking fees are borne by the student.

II) As different condo management have their own set of policy for lessons conducted at their premises, students are encouraged to check with the condo management before engaging a private sports instructor to conduct lessons at their condo.

Music Classes Policy:

I) As lesson is held in your home, students are required to sign the teacher in as a guest and permit entry to their condo. Please ensure that you are contactable on the day of lesson in case your condominium security restricts entry of the music teacher.

II) In the special scenario where lesson is conducted in the condominium’s music room/piano room, students are required to book the room in advance and inform the teacher if there are any changes/unable to book so lesson that week can be postponed. Any booking fees for the room will be borne by the student.

I) Students are required to place a one month non-refundable deposit to reserve their instructor’s slot if they need to temporarily discontinue the sports or music lessons of any type for more than a month.

I) SG Condo Coaches will not be held responsible for any claims arising out of any injury, damage or loss of life while attending this course and this includes all cost, and expenses incurred as a result of such claims.

II) We will not be held responsible for any damages caused on your property or facilities provided by your condo/your home as a result of the coach’s or your use.

III) Any damages and liability claims will be made to the independent contractors aka the coach or music teacher that conducts the lessons.

I) We do not ask you for personal information unless we truly need it.

II) We do not share your personal information with anyone unless to comply with the law, develop our services, or protect our rights.

III) By furnishing us with your contact information, you agree to be contacted by SG Condo Coaches even if you are registered in the Do Not Call(DNC) Registry.

SG Condo Coaches reserves the right to alter terms and conditions without prior notice.

Please read through our terms and conditions. If you have any queries, you may contact our administrator via email or SMS.

At SG Condo Coaches, the client’s interests are always held in high regard.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy.