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Benefits of One on One Yoga Lessons for Beginners

Finding a private yoga class in Singapore can be difficult. Most yoga options offered are group classes in studios/parks. We offer individual yoga classes for beginners to get started. Yoga poses can potentially cause injury if done wrongly. With the attention focused on you, the yoga teacher can correct your poses and prevent injury. On top of that, for those who feel more self-conscious, taking one on one yoga lessons will provide the privacy you prefer. Yoga is great for anyone looking to improve flexibility, relieve stress and potentially lose weight. Condo Coaches offers many different types of yoga classes catered to your needs. We provide small group private classes at your home too. Get started with our private yoga lessons for beginners today!

Take Personal Yoga Classes at Home

Private yoga classes nearby brings convenience to your doorstep. We conduct personal yoga classes at your home. You do not have to adjust your schedule or stress to get to a yoga class somewhere. Your home is the best place to learn yoga with a sense of familiarity. Being comfortable significantly improves the efficacy of your practice session. You will feel a sense of tranquility you won’t feel in public spaces. Furthermore, compared to classes conducted in the park, you will not be at the mercy of the weather. Having lessons at home does not mean you have to compromise on the variety of yoga offered and settle for a common form of yoga. Whether you are looking to relax and meditate, a more intensive work out, or a good stretch, we have the right trainers for your needs.

Affordable Private Yoga Lessons in Singapore

Private yoga classes cost more than those offered in yoga studio. However, you are paying for the dedicated attention of one instructor. It is especially useful when you are trying to master a difficult pose or if you can’t find the time to visit a studio. Furthermore, you get an instructor that is mostly well versed in different types of yoga, so you have the flexibility to switch around. Our private yoga classes are more cost effective because it helps you achieve your goals more easily. It also reduces risk of injury, which could potentially cost you more to recover from.

1-1 lesson

$840/ 12 lesson package
  • $840/pax [$70/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • One-One Attention
  • 100% certified coach
  • +$120 for restorative/prenatal/postnatal yoga

Group of 2

$1020/ 12 lesson package
  • $510/pax [$42.5/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • Bond with partner
  • 100% certified coach
  • +$120 for restorative/prenatal/postnatal yoga

Group of 3

$1140/ 12 lesson package
  • $380/pax [$32/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • Learn with friends
  • 100% certified coach
  • +$120 for restorative/prenatal/postnatal yoga

Group of 4

$1320/ 12 lesson package
  • $330/pax [$27.5/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • Fun for the Family
  • 100% certified coach
  • +$120 for restorative/prenatal/postnatal yoga

Class Size

Yoga Rates

$840/12 lessons
Couples (2 pax)
$1020/12 lessons
Friends (3 pax)
$1140/12 lessons
Family (4 pax)
$1320/12 lessons
1 hour session
Pose correction + customized lesson
+$120 for restorative/pre/postnatal yoga
100% certified yoga teacher

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Private Yoga Lessons Review

I signed up for private yoga classes with the purpose of learning how to do the crow pose properly. So happy that I am finally able to do it after so much difficulty. Now I enjoy weekly private yoga sessions with my teacher.

Peiyi Lim, Maplewoods Condo

There are not many options for yoga in the north side of Singapore. I wanted private yoga lessons near me. Luckily I found an amazing yoga teacher who can come to my place.

Vaibz, Sims Green

Was worried about hiring a freelance yoga instructor from Gumtree. Glad to find Condo Coaches that provided only certified and experienced yoga teachers.

Suganda, Nuovo Condo

My wife and I are new to yoga. There were few options for yoga lessons for beginners. We felt Condo Coaches was the most credible and signed up. 5 star service!

CS, Chip Bee Gardens

I am a stay home mum so it makes it difficult to take yoga classes at studios. So glad that Condo Coaches provides private yoga lessons at home.

Wee Lin, Euhabitat Condo