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Our services are intended for people who are recovering from injuries like ACL fracture and tear, and need to strengthen those areas by doing general workouts. If you’re looking for a similar solution you’re at the right place. Moreover, the instructors here are well-versed in offering fantastic injury rehabilitation programs which are personalized to the specifications of each and every member out here. Apart from this, we offer flexibility in timing so that any busy person will be able to adjust his training hours according to his schedule. We often get clients who have undergone their medical rehabilitation and sought doctor’s opinion before starting this training. Please check with a medical professional before signing up.

Our condominium fitness trainers have lots of experience with injury rehabilitation; they aid in rebuilding the strength as well as the flexibility of the afflicted areas. Apart from this, they can help provide strength to the supporting structures which helps to make a client self-assured in performing his daily chores. He will be capable of building stability as well as strength by selecting his exercises for muscle atrophy meticulously while reducing muscle pain and tightness at the same time.

It is very important to keep track of the progress during injury rehabilitation, particularly in case of sportsmen. This is usually performed by comparing various test results. A certified personal trainer for ACL Tear recovery will conduct several tests during and also after the rehabilitation which are referred to as post-tests. However, he will also conduct several pre-tests prior to the rehabilitation. Both of these test results will be examined to monitor progress. When the outcomes of both pre-tests, as well as post-tests become identical, the rehabilitation can be stopped. However, it is vital to conduct agility tests in case any person is suffering from a sprained ankle.

All our personal trainers for muscle atrophy at Condo Coaches will take note of any injury and illness that can affect any member out there. They will play a significant role in figuring out whether it will be possible for you to continue performing strenuous activities in your daily life. That done, the trainer will create a treatment procedure for optimizing your rehabilitation. He may recommend alternative work outs to avoid overstraining your body under any circumstances so as to prevent any injury in the future.

1-1 lesson

$960/ 12 lesson package
  • $960/pax [$80/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • Systematic lesson + progression plan
  • 100% certified coach

Group of 2

$1200/ 12 lesson package
  • $600/pax [$50/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • Systematic lesson + progression plan
  • 100% certified coach

Group of 3

$1440/ 12 lesson package
  • $480/pax [$40/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • Systematic lesson + progression plan
  • 100% certified coach

Group of 4

$1560/ 12 lesson package
  • $390/pax [$32.5/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • Systematic lesson + progression plan
  • 100% certified coach

Class Size

Gym Rates

1-1 lesson $960/12 lessons
Group of 2 $1200/12 lessons
Group of 3 $1440/12 lessons
Group of 4 $1560/12 lessons
1 hour session
Systematic lesson plan + progression
100% certified personal trainer
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Injury Rehab Personal Trainer Review

I tore my meniscus in June last year and i always feel a tension when I straighten my legs. After getting personal training, I feel that the strain is reduced.

Jonathan Lim, Maysprings

Upon removing the cast on my right wrist, there was a noticeable difference in size. I took on Condo Coaches training program to rehabilitate my atrophied muscles in my injured arm.

Nathan P, Queens Condo

Doing reverse sit ups with weights and supervised by a professional trainer helped me improve my back pain and posture.

Elvin Lim, Sol Acres

Hiring a personal trainer certified in post injury rehabilitation has given me more confidence that I am not overexerting when I do my work outs.

Lance, Siglap Court

I tore my ACL during soccer and my calf and thigh muscles have shrunk significantly. Their trainer structured a program to help me get back on track in my recovery.

Kenneth Tam, Sixth Avenue Residences