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Why Should Ladies Take Personal Training From Us?

We have female personal trainer for ladies looking to get into shape. We understand most women want to take on fitness training for vanity reasons, but we also emphasize on overall health and take a safety first approach to exercise. What we focus on is building a sustainable lifestyle so any gains and results can be retained for life. We also are a convenient solution for ladies as we offer to the door private coaching at your condominium gym. Through a step by step approach, our female fitness instructors will help you achieve the goals you desire.

It is important to feel comfortable when undergoing fitness training, especially with a trainer you constantly interact with. Ladies will definitely feel less self-conscious and more at ease with a coach of the same gender. This allows the trainee to voice out opinions more readily to get the most out of their training. A female gym coach is also the perfect spot when you lift weights and you never have to worry about strange looks.

No one knows women better than another woman. When it comes to fitness, the same rule applies. Society places pressure on women to look a certain way, and our female instructors understand that. Under the guidance of the right coach, you will feel less stress of conforming to social norms and exercise with the right goals in mind. Whether it is becoming slimmer or to become more toned while looking feminine, our lady trainers will help you see results the right way.

The aches and pains you feel, our female coaches have felt it before. By addressing your woes from personal experience, the appropriate solutions can be applied. This helps you mitigate injury and shorten recovery time. The physique of a woman differs from a man, so it is good if you have an example to relate to. Being attuned to their own body allows the female trainer to better provided focus targeting on areas that the client is concerned about.

1-1 lesson

$960/ 12 lesson package
  • $960/pax [$80/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • Systematic lesson + progression plan
  • 100% certified coach

Group of 2

$1200/ 12 lesson package
  • $600/pax [$50/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • Systematic lesson + progression plan
  • 100% certified coach

Group of 3

$1440/ 12 lesson package
  • $480/pax [$40/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • Systematic lesson + progression plan
  • 100% certified coach

Group of 4

$1560/ 12 lesson package
  • $390/pax [$32.5/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • Systematic lesson + progression plan
  • 100% certified coach

Class Size

Gym Rates

1-1 lesson $960/12 lessons
Group of 2 $1200/12 lessons
Group of 3 $1440/12 lessons
Group of 4 $1560/12 lessons
1 hour session
Systematic lesson plan + progression
100% certified personal trainer
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Female Personal Training Review

I am a working woman and a single mother. When I heard from a friend about their private female gym instructor provision, I jumped at the opportunity. And I am so glad I did! They provide the best female personal trainers and I would recommend their services to all.

Jun, King Albert Park

Thanks to them, I am able to have my own female personal gym trainer at home, who is a skilled and experienced professional and the best in her field.

Claudia, Buckley Classique

With their female personal gym instructor, my workout sessions became more motivating and rigorous and I was able to hit my target weight and weight loss goals sooner than expected. Highly recommended.

Macayla, Gilstead Two

They provide the best female fitness trainers who understand your physical status and capability and charts out workout and diet plans accordingly.

Jessica Wijaya, Jade Residences

With the help of my skilled, interactive and expert female private trainer, who designed workouts in an interesting and engaging manner, I never realized when I lost all the weight and attained such flexibility, health and wellness1 I am truly grateful to them for their service and would certainly recommend to everyone who enjoys a fun workout session like I do.

Kartina Yap, Maplewoods