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Some parents prefer female swimming coaches in Singapore. This is because their daughters feel more comfortable being taught by a lady swim coach. Although our male and female coaches are equally effective, female coaches can provide a more feminine approach to their teachings. Furthermore, lady swimming coaches understand the nuances of the woman’s body and are able to tailor lessons more suitably. This allows lessons to be more relatable and can enhance the learning experience. We have the most patient female swimming coach in Singapore to ensure you master swimming one step at a time.

Swim Classes for Mother and Daughters at Your Condo

We offer the best female instructors who will conduct swimming lessons at your condo pool. Most women are self-conscious and avoid swimming. As a result, many do not know how to swim. Combined with hectic schedules, it becomes impossible to find the time to learn. Swimming classes can be conducted after working hours for busy professionals. If you are a stay-home mum, weekday afternoons are a good time to learn while your kids are at school. Our certified female swim teachers will ensure you learn the right techniques to be a confident swimmer. Learn to swim with lady swim teachers near you. Book a class at your condominium pool today!

Good Female Swimming Teachers at Competitive Prices

We charge a small additional fee of $15/lesson to regulate the high demand for good female swimming teachers. This additional charge is reasonable and also ensures there are sufficient slots for our teachers to accommodate clients who genuinely require a lady coach. The price of our experienced and certified female coach is comparable to other swim schools. However, we offer the convenience of lessons being conducted at your place. At Condo Coaches, we don’t guarantee the cheapest price, but we are confident you will be satisfied with the quality of coaching.

1-1 lesson

$280/4 lessons package
  • $280/pax [$70/class]
  • 45 mins/class (30 mins if ≤3)
  • +$40 for Female Coach
  • 100% certified coach

Group of 2

$320/4 lessons package
  • $160/pax [$40/class]
  • 45 mins/class (30 mins if ≤3)
  • +$40 for Female Coach
  • 100% certified coach

Group of 3

$360/4 lessons package
  • $120/pax [$30/class]
  • 45 mins/class (30 mins if ≤3)
  • +$60 for Female Coach
  • 100% certified coach

Group of 4

$420/4 lessons package
  • $105/pax [$26/class]
  • 45 mins/class (30 mins if ≤3)
  • +$60 for Female Coach
  • 100% certified coach

Class Size

Swim Rates

1-1 lesson $280/4 lessons
Group of 2 $320/4 lessons
Group of 3 $360/4 lessons
Group of 4 $420/4 lessons
45 mins/class (30 mins for toddlers)
Female Coach: +$40 (1-2 pax)/+$60 (3-4 pax)
100% certified instructor
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Female Swim Coach Review

Wanted my daughter take swimming lessons so i contacted a few companies. I was looking for a female swimming coach. They responded immediately and provided me with a highly experienced and well-spoken trainer. My daughter learned swimming effortlessly within the least amount of time. Very satisfied.

Cecile Rhiby, Chateau Le Fame

As a mother and woman in her late thirties, I had lost all hope of fulfilling my childhood wish of learning how to swim, until I came across these guys. They understood my concerns and took my schedule into consideration came while coming up with a perfect solution. That’s not all! They also provided me with a highly qualified and well trained female swimming instructor.

Karen Tong, Rivervale Cres

I am very satisfied with my female swimming coach. She is such a good teacher and knows exactly what practices my body needs. Her teaching skills and methods are very effective. With her help, I am not only learning to swim fast but am also enjoying it and having fun in the process.

Hyewon Son, Hillview Condo

I am a middle-aged lady who was overweight and suffering from numerous health issues. With the help of the lady swimming coach, I have been able to lose a sufficient amount of weight and regain my health. I am grateful to them for their service and for giving me such a wonderful and understanding coach.

Michelle Nguyen, Esparina Residences

They have the best female swimming instructors in Singapore. Lessons are structured according to your needs and requirements. The teacher is also patient, understanding and flexible with schedule. I have tried other swimming lessons as well, but theirs is by far the best one.

Nidhi Venkat, The Peak @ Balmeg