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Benefits of Swimming Classes for Kids

Private swimming lessons for kids are extremely beneficial. In addition to being a necessary life skill, it also brings many physical health benefits. By providing a good cardiovascular workout, it leads to stronger heart and lungs. Furthermore, it aids in posture and balance which is essential to a growing child. Moreover, it relieves stress by improving mood and combats depression. We even offer lessons for toddlers under 3 years old. Reap the benefits of children swimming classes in Singapore today with Condo Coaches!

After School Swimming Classes at Your Condo Pool

Having kids swimming lessons near you is possible with Condo Coaches. We provide after school swimming classes at the convenience of your condominium pool. Besides having our certified coaches come to you, our swimming instructors teach in a structured manner. Furthermore, you will be able to track the progress of your child. Depending on learning speed, your child should be able to perform basic swimming in 3-4 months. Start your after school swim classes at your condo today!

Cost Effective Kids Swim Coaching Rates

We offer the best kids swim coaching rates on the market. In addition to being competitively priced, we also only provide certified and experienced instructors. While group swimming classes may be cheaper, it takes much longer for your child to learn to swim. This is due to large class sizes (up to 10 pax) as well as not having the dedicated attention from the coach. Thus, private swimming classes for kids are more cost effective. At the same time, if you form a group class of 4, the cost is divided and the group class size is still optimal for learning. As a result, our private kids swim coaching rates become very affordable.

1-1 lesson

$280/4 lessons package
  • $280/pax [$70/class]
  • 45 mins/class (30 mins if ≤3)
  • +$40 for Female Coach
  • 100% certified coach

Group of 2

$320/4 lessons package
  • $160/pax [$40/class]
  • 45 mins/class (30 mins if ≤3)
  • +$40 for Female Coach
  • 100% certified coach

Group of 3

$360/4 lessons package
  • $120/pax [$30/class]
  • 45 mins/class (30 mins if ≤3)
  • +$60 for Female Coach
  • 100% certified coach

Group of 4

$420/4 lessons package
  • $105/pax [$26/class]
  • 45 mins/class (30 mins if ≤3)
  • +$60 for Female Coach
  • 100% certified coach

Class Size

Swim Rates

1-1 lesson $280/4 lessons
Group of 2 $320/4 lessons
Group of 3 $360/4 lessons
Group of 4 $420/4 lessons
45 mins/class (30 mins for toddlers)
Female Coach: +$40 (1-2 pax)/+$60 (3-4 pax)
100% certified instructor
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Kids Swimming Lessons Review

Not only does Condo Coaches have the most competitive kids swim coaching rates, they also have very qualified coaches. My daughters made more progress in 2.5 months compared to half a year at another swim school.

Adrian Ong, The Panorama

My son Kenneth has a phobia of water from a childhood trauma. After trying a few swimming coaches for kids in Singapore, we finally got a very patient coach from Condo Coaches. We are seeing a good progress with him now!

Olwyn, Changi Court

My kids have their schedules packed with tuition, therefore i had to find children’s swimming lessons near me. Lucky for Condo Coaches, i was able to arrange swimming Coach Coco.

Rita Wong, The Sea View

I wanted my son to take private swimming lessons however the prices were out of my budget. The admin of Condo Coaches suggested i find 2 other neighbors children to form a small group class. As a result, we are having our 5th month of lessons this weekend!

Daphne Wong, Sky Miltonia

It was mandatory for my son and daughter to learn to swim. However, my wife insisted they take private swimming lessons. Thanks to Condo Coaches, we found an awesome coach very quickly!

Sean Ansari