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Never Too Late to Learn a Life Skill

Every adult should learn to swim as it is an important life skill. Taking private swimming lessons for adults can save you from drowning. Most adults think that being able to tread water is sufficient for survival. However, it is important to learn the right swim strokes to prevent exhaustion which leads to cramps, potentially resulting in fatal accidents. Swimming has many health benefits for adults which includes a good workout without being too harsh for the knees. It is not too late to learn as we have successfully taught many working adults and retirees to have water confidence. We have also improved the strokes of aspiring triathletes by providing the conditioning they need. No matter what level you are at, Condo Coaches has the right adult swimming program for you. For the ladies, we also offer specially tailored female swimming classes for you. Sign up Now!

After Work Swimming Class at Your Condo Pool

Condo Coaches provides after work private swimming lesson for adults near you. What can be more convenient than taking swimming classes at your condo pool? Our coaches not only travel to your condo pool, they can accommodate your work schedule. Lessons are conducted till 9.30pm daily, so you are able to squeeze in lessons even when you work OT. Furthermore, why not utilize the condo facilities that your levy covers every month. Our top notch service makes us one of the best condo swimming lesson providers in Singapore. Enjoy the convenience of taking swim lessons at your condo today!

Affordable Personal Swimming Lessons for Adults

Basic private swimming lessons for adults are affordable. Many people compare private lesson prices with those offered at public pools. The reason why you can find cheap swimming lessons for adults at public pool is because it is conducted in large groups. The rate at which you learn to swim is significantly slower compared private classes. This makes condominium swim classes more cost effective. To drive costs down even more, you can form your own private adult swimming class group to divide the cost while keeping class sizes small.

1-1 lesson

$280/4 lessons package
  • $280/pax [$70/class]
  • 45 mins/class (30 mins if ≤3)
  • +$40 for Female Coach
  • 100% certified coach

Group of 2

$320/4 lessons package
  • $160/pax [$40/class]
  • 45 mins/class (30 mins if ≤3)
  • +$40 for Female Coach
  • 100% certified coach

Group of 3

$360/4 lessons package
  • $120/pax [$30/class]
  • 45 mins/class (30 mins if ≤3)
  • +$60 for Female Coach
  • 100% certified coach

Group of 4

$420/4 lessons package
  • $105/pax [$26/class]
  • 45 mins/class (30 mins if ≤3)
  • +$60 for Female Coach
  • 100% certified coach

Class Size

Swim Rates

1-1 lesson $280/4 lessons
Group of 2 $320/4 lessons
Group of 3 $360/4 lessons
Group of 4 $420/4 lessons
45 mins/class (30 mins for toddlers)
Female Coach: +$40 (1-2 pax)/+$60 (3-4 pax)
100% certified instructor
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Adult Swimming Lessons Review

Even though it was awkward to learn as an adult, the swimming coach was very very patient and helped me overcome my fear of water. I love to swim now and hopefully will go for a biathlon soon!

Jason Lee, Lilydale

I remember the swimming coach always encouraging me to practice in my own time, she never failed to always correct my swimming technique. She was really good at explaining each step, and even broke it down to the muscle groups I had to use! I finally am able to use my condominium pool regularly to keep fit.

Alice Chua, Bedok Residence

I have never swam before in the 54 years of my life, the coach was super understanding and patient, starting me out with just using the board. Before I knew it I was doing laps across the pool! The service of SG Condo Coaches is top notch and really friendly.

Naveen Gupta, Parc Oasis

The coach Lance provided for my husband and I has been good. He corrects our strokes and helps us build our fitness and endurance in the water. He was also super patient at the start when I was a little scared of going to the deep end of the pool. With their swimming lessons I am now proud to say I can complete 10 laps across my pool!

Mabel Lim, One Jervois

I have struggled with aquaphobia for quite a while and finally got a coach who could understand my process and teach me how to overcome my fear! I am very grateful to SG Condo Coaches for recommending me such a patient and professional swimming instructor!

Madeline Soon, Bishan 8