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Easy to Learn Recreational Tennis Classes for Adults

Our beginner tennis lessons for adults is a great way to be introduced to a new sport. Due to hectic schedules, Singaporeans do not have the time to unwind and exercise. We offer group recreational tennis classes which provides working adults the opportunity to keep fit and socialize at the same time. Private training also provides a comfortable space for adults to learn with no distractions. The trainer is able to teach the right techniques and correct mistakes immediately. Following a natural progression, you will start off with learning how to hold the racket and positioning. Next, you will be taught how to serve and hit the ball. The final stage will be to learn how to rallying. Come take step-by-step recreational tennis classes with Condo Coaches today!

After Work Tennis Sessions for Adults at Your Condo

Enjoy the convenience of after work tennis sessions at your condo. We have the ideal solution for working adults who want to learn tennis. Our certified and experienced coaches are located island wide and can travel to your place after working hours between 7-10pm or even weekends. We also can accommodate professionals who travel for work frequently. Lessons can be scheduled on a weekly basis depending on both your and the coach’s availability. What we offer is no frills, quality tennis lessons at your convenience. You can only find such flexibility with private adult tennis lessons offered by us.

Affordable Adult Tennis Class Fees

We keep adult tennis coaching costs affordable by efficiently locating coaches based on proximity. This saves them time and money travelling, making tennis class fees cheaper. Furthermore, you save on the tennis courts booking fees charged by public courts. To make it more affordable, we recommend you to form a group with your friends. That way, the cost is shared and you can all learn at the same time. Compared to other options on the market, you won’t find a more convenient, cost effective alternative than us.

1-1 lesson

$960/ 12 lesson package
  • $960/pax [$80/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • Systematic lesson + progression plan
  • 100% certified coach

Group of 2

$1140/ 12 lesson package
  • $570/pax [$47.5/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • Systematic lesson + progression plan
  • 100% certified coach

Group of 3

$1440/ 12 lesson package
  • $480/pax [$40/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • Systematic lesson + progression plan
  • 100% certified coach

Group of 4

$1560/ 12 lesson package
  • $390/pax [$32.5/class]
  • 1 hour session
  • Systematic lesson + progression plan
  • 100% certified coach

Class Size

Tennis Rates

1-1 lesson $960/12 hours
Group of 2 $1140/12 hours
Group of 3 $1440/12 hours
Group of 4 $1560/12 hours
1 hour session
Systematic lesson plan + progression
100% certified fixed instructor
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Private Adult Tennis Lessons Review

A few months back I was looking for adult tennis lessons near me when I found their site. After enrolling with them, I was able to convert my dormant tennis court into an active sports arena where my spouse and I learnt tennis with proper help and guidance from skilled and expert trainers.

Neha, Citylights

Their adult tennis lessons have not only improved my health and fitness levels tremendously but also made me a fun-loving and energetic guy to be around and work with. All thanks to their awesome lessons!

Mr Jia, Aspen Heights

I would surely recommend their beginner tennis lessons for adults. They provide high-end and flexible tennis lessons, which can be easily accommodated in one’s busy schedule. With their provision of the best tennis coaches in Singapore and commendable service, one gets more than what one pays for.

Allen Eng, The Minton

Having an empty tennis court in my condo, I decided to try their tennis classes for adults where they provide personal coaching at your home. And I must say, three months later, I discovered a whole new passion for this sport. I am proud of my decision.

Agnes, Amber Residence

Their adult tennis coaching has made me tennis pro among my office colleagues and peers. It also keeps me pumped and motivated throughout the day.

Gilbert, Kings Mansion