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Yoga Teacher Jobs Singapore: We are Looking for More Coaches

Yoga teacher jobs in Singapore are plentiful due to many yoga studios popping up and large group classes in privately owned studios. SGCondoCoaches is offering a rare opportunity for freelance yoga teachers looking to get out of the contract based yoga teacher jobs offered by yoga studios and work with private yoga enthusiasts or smaller groups looking to improve their practice. If you are a coach looking for students, whether or not you are a full time yoga instructor, we believe we can accommodate you, please feel free to contact us by filling up our “Coach Sign Up” form and attach your certificates, CV as well as a short bio of yourself. We will contact you shortly to explain our policies and provide you with more information

200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructors in Singapore: We Want You

If you are a certified freelance yoga teacher looking for a job, look no further, SG Condo Coaches assists coaches in getting more students at condominiums. We have a simple system for our coaches to accept jobs and new clients through SMS. Find out more from us by filling up the sign up form and we will contact you via whatsapp to discuss further our terms and explain how our system works. Our coaches love our easy to use system and we believe you will too!

For clients looking for yoga lessons, please follow this link to be directed to the relevant page to get more details about our lessons.

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